About Us

Our Story

After having three children with food sensitivities, we decided to use our resources  to handcrafting the most delicious pastries made with coconut oil and unprocessed sugars. We don’t use artificial colors or flavors, we strive to make the best tasting products from nature. We are proud to offer most recipes gluten-free too.

To create the best tasting products that are guilt-free and from nature.

High Standards

We use only the freshest ingredients to create the best tasting baked goods and pastries

Cutting Edge

We like to use cutting edge techniques such freeze drying and molecular gastronomy to create the best desserts

No hydrogenated Oils

We use only natural oils and fats. No soy based oils or margarines


We try to reduce plastic pollution and reduce waste. As a bakery, we cut out palm oil out of line of products. Most of our plastic packaging comes from recycled and eco-plastics.

Jenifer Shwartz

Pastry Chef/ Recipe Master

Jenifer was born in Buffalo and grew up around the farmlands of upstate New York. Growing up next to an apple orchard, her favorite dessert in the world was fresh-baked apple pie. Taking her childhood experiences along with restaurant/bakery experience from Oregon and Florida, she creates timeless recipes that are simple but rich in flavor.  After 15 years in the industry, she has is now focused on a line of desserts that are mostly plant-based and free from processed ingredients.

Our Bakery

Our Standards

No hydrogenated oils, we use a blend of coconut oil and sunflower oil

Only unprocessed sugar such as organic cane sugar, brown sugar and tapioca syrup

No Artificial dyes or flavors

Plant-based and vegan pies available. Everything we carry is dairy-free and peanut-free

No soy based margarines or oil. The only soy product we have is soy lecithin found in dark chocolate.